„Fitness Gear Balance Pods“ mankštai


„Fitness Gear Balance Pods“ mankštai
„Fitness Gear Balance Pods“ mankštai

Let’s give you a well-known secret that will save you a lot of money, but that the majority do not. If you exercise regularly (at least one hour a day), you will develop a body that will need minimal dents later in life.

„Fitness Gear Balance Pods“ mankštai

Otherwise, you will spend everything you earn on curing body aches, heart problems, obesity and similar health problems. Therefore, immerse yourself in exercises that improve your strength, posture, heart rate, flexibility and balance. Yes… balance! What better way to do Zumba, Samba and stretch yoga poses than using these balance pods? When everyone around you was struggling to stick to the ground, you would be smiling at them because you would be so properly balanced.

„Fitness Gear Balance Pods“ mankštai

Ką gausite:

  • Skin-friendly PVC half ball: Made of soft PVC with hundreds of smooth spikes that won’t scratch your hands, feet or knees. Fitness Gear Balance Pods For Exercise!
  • Stimulates acupuncture points: The nodes in the balance chambers for exercise are designed to stimulate your acupuncture points for relief from body aches and muscle pains. Your central nervous system will be activated, which will activate your body’s natural healing system. It also massages your body and relaxes muscles and tendons.
  • Provides advanced balance: It is difficult to do balancing yoga poses or certain poses such as the challenging face and universe destroyer done during Zumba & Samba. But not with these balance capsules. They improve your balance by leaps and bounds. Anti-slip base and raised knots work together to provide better balancing performance.
  • Multi-variable applications: You can place them on the floor, wall or chair to perform different postures. Now you don’t need to be afraid of doing difficult postures. You can also have your children do these poses with pods.

„Fitness Gear Balance Pods“ mankštai


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